ICPC Annual Report 2016

The ICPC are pleased to publish the annual report for 2016. This is the sixth annual report to be released by the ICPC since it was established in the Children (Guernsey and Alderney) Law 2008, which was implemented in January 2010.
The annual report is available to download here.

The Independent Chair of the ICPC, Simon Westwood, is pleased to publish the annual report, which covers his first full year as Chair. He recognises the importance of supportive and nurturing environments for children, young people and families, and states:

The ICPC will continue to play their part in building a culture where children and young people are listened to and encouraged in their aspirations. Where the community, statutory agencies, schools, voluntary and community organisations and the States work together to protect the most vulnerable.

The report highlights areas where progress has been made as well as those that need attention. Some positive signs include: child protection registrations remaining low and stable across the year; the continuing decrease in the number of children being looked after off-island; and, an increase in the rate at which children and families receive early help and support.

Areas identified for continued attention are addressed in the ICPC plan for 2017 under four strategic priorities: maximising capacity and resources; managing partnership and engagement; ensuring focus on vulnerable groups; and, embedding learning and improvement.

There is much to be pleased about regarding safeguarding practices for children in the islands, although the ICPC recognise that there is always more to do.